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I’m sorry if the title makes you think this is in anyway politically related because it is not. This post has more to do with personal freedom. I apologize that I haven’t been making posts for a while but there has been a good reason. Recently my laptop was taken away for servicing because of certain problems and because my parents don’t know about my blogging I can’t use that as a reason to use the desktop.

There has been a lot on my mind since the problems relating to me having a laptop started and in that time I thought about freedom and how it is very important to all of us but sometimes having too much rope only leads to us hanging ourselves. This thought occurred to me because I thought that while I may not have told my parents about my blog I shouldn’t have to give a reason to be able to use the computer.

Obviously when I think about this my first reaction is annoyance. I am eighteen and I am semi responsible, I should have the right to use the laptop or at lest the desktop to my discretion. There have been some changes in regards to the level of supervision they enforce on me but they still drop in out of the blue so that I don’t do anything “harmful”.

This kind of attitude really annoys me. I want the freedom to be able to run this blog or download some file without being questioned or in this case without hiding from them. I shouldn’t have to demand it or beg for it, it should occur to them that I am old enough and mature enough(mostly) to be allowed to use the computer without supervision.

strictAlthough this always annoys me it also got me to thinking about other things. I look at a lot of kids these days and see how crazy they have become and I wonder, has society evolved to a level where kids are given too much freedom and if so then what is an acceptable amount of freedom.

In a lot of countries parents give their children so much leeway that they don’t appreciate what they have. I really don’t get much privacy in my house and what little I do get, I only got through constant fighting and debating with my parents but in some places children feel free to stash all kinds of drugs and other things in their rooms and then have the gall to shout at their parents for invasion of privacy.

This is a really hard topic for me to be subjective about but as you can see from the above example there is a really fine line between enough and too much and when you cross that line it is very hard to take it back.  Maybe the parents that allow these things to happen were like me and thought “when I have kids I’ll let them have their privacy” but in practice it turned out to be a bad idea.

What level of freedom is enough and is there a way to converse with parents to set reasonable boundaries.  As much as I can gather there really isn’t a middle ground, parents will either be too strict or let their kids walk all over them. I haven’t seen or heard of a case where parents are so open and available to their kids that they can set realistic and reasonable boundaries.

I’m not being pessimistic, I just don’t think parenting has evolved to such an extent that they are capable of seeing both points of view

Man thinking on a train journey.

. I have told myself constantly that when I have kids I won’t make the same mistakes that my parents made but truth be told I think all parents are destined to make some kind of mistake, if no this one than the other. My mom too made a promise to not be as strict as her parents had been with her. I personally think she has done a great job but many people in my community would look at me and think “this kid has really been allowed to run free”. Granted if it hadn’t been for my more Orthodox dad I would have been given more freedom but is that such a bad thing.

I might be babbling now so I will stop but before I go I want to ask you guys what you think. I know I don’t have many readers but I wanted to know if you think. I there such a thing as a middle ground, can parents and children manage to come to an understanding on this matter or will this always be a case of either this or that.


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