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Hey there people. I’m glad to see such a  warm and wonderful response to my first post, you guys have gone a long way to make me feel comfortable. I thought today we would talk about something that is a bit deeper embedded  in our psyche than how people treat us.

Weather you like it or not religion plays a huge role in our lives and for better or for worse it shapes they way the world works, so today I thought why not talk about something that has affected my life to a great extent and I’m sure has also made a big impact on your lives as well.

I come from a family that is pretty religious, the only respite from this is my mother, who though believes in God never  forced me to do so as well, my father is a different story. After many different phases in his life wherein he gave up religion entirely,  he hit a low point in his life and  at that time where he was most vulnerable religion came back to him and he grabbed onto it like a lifeline. Now he is so set in his ways that he cannot see that it may be possible to live without religion which is what led to my eventual dislike of it.

To be clear I don’t think religion is a scam, I only believe that there are far too many disadvantages compared to the advantages. Often times religion is associated to morality but to me it deals more with the appearance of morality rather than the presence of any vertue. Too many times I have seen people use religion as an excuse to do another atrocity and too many times have I seen people  say something and practice another to be able to believe that religion is a requirement for anyone. fatherpippy

I am not one to judge or at least I try not to, and there are many people around the world that are better people and more productive people because of religion, but when someone beats the idea of religion into you everyday you build a special kind of hatred of it that cannot be overcome by a simple statistic.

When I tell people who I don’t believe or rather prefer not to believe in any religion they tend to be shocked because where I come from you are either religious or at least you pretend to be, but and for now at least atheist and agnostic will continue to be akin to a swear word but I hope that the day is not far when not wanting to be a part of a religion won’t seem like a sin and when children will be free to choose their own religion without the constant scorn of others.

When I explain my beliefs to people I also tend to simplify it by telling people who I simply don’t believe in god, but there is so much more to it. I am sure that somewhere there must be an entity that is beyond anything you or I could imagine but whatever he or she or it is, I doubt my going or not going to a building where old men chant in a forgotten language will affect it in the slightest.

Sometimes people also think that I don’t believe in spirituality which is also not true. I think spirituality more than anything is the center of religion that everyone seems to ignore. They are far too obsessed with thoughts of who will be the next pope or who will be elected to next church president.  In all this kerfuffle these people simply forget to be good people who don’t judge people who are different from them or those who have different beliefs.

After many years of fighting about it my father has still not undergone any change in perspective and I doubt he ever will,  so I have given up trying to get him to see my point of view. There may be a time where we will come to terms with each other’s beliefs but until then religion will be my constant companion no matter how much I run from it. He thinks that one day I will come around to his way of thinking and maybe someday I will believe in god but when I do it will be my decision.

I hope I will not alienate too many people by saying these things and I truly mean no disrespect to anyone but I only ask for the right to have my own opinion without being regarded as a criminal. To paraphrase a book “judge not lest ye be judged”.



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